Anyone living and working in Hamburg knows how the city’s heart beats. The harbour is particularly fascinating: here everything is constantly changing, so making plans isn’t an easy task. Every day brings with it new challenges. It was precisely this that in 2007 gave Jörg Hamann, a ship machinery engineering graduate, both the motivation and inspiration to found a company that sees itself as a service provider in every sense of the word. “Providing services” at any time, any location, in a flexible, reliable way and with the highest quality.

Are you looking for quality? So are we. This is a requirement we apply in each individual case. Try us out.

Expertise from a single source
We offer the necessary flexibility and professionalism to carry out your
projects from start to finish. A contact for everything relating to repair,
maintenance and cleaning of your valuable machines and systems. Decades of experience means we can now offer everything from a single source. Engineering graduate Jörg Hamann draws on the following experience:

  • 14 years sailing all the oceans, 4 of which as a leading technical officer
  • 9 years working as the managing director of a construction company
  • 7 years working as operations manager and general manager
  • 2 years working as a managing director in industry cleaning

Experience can only be implemented with a skilled and reliable team. In order to cover such a large range of services, the Montec24 GmbH team includes metal workers, machine fitters, ship builders, electricians/electronic engineers as well as auxiliary forces from numerous different trades. Needless to say, all our work is carried out in compliance with statutory provisions as well as under observation of professional co-operative regulations

Montec24 Industriereinigung Hamburg

All informations about Montec24 in a flipbook or to download here!

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